What is the way to remove the skin allergy?

Anything that is generally considered innocent is called allergic reaction. Allergens that cause allergies are called allergens or antigens and these products are called antibodies. The reaction that occurs when antigens and antibodies meet together is called antigen-antibody reaction. Allergic reactions with asthma have a deep connection. Flowers pollen, polluted air, smoke, raw color smell, whitewash, dust of the house, allergic reactions in the body of old file dust cause asthma. So those who are suffering from Hapani have to abandon them. Fungus creates allergies and asthma in the body. Fungus is a very simple plant. Fungi 20 ° C Gray to 32 ° C Gray: In the heat produced, it is seen in wet matter that the fungus is born. Again, some food is contaminated by fungi. Pineapple is made by mixing fungi. Yeast fungus is also used to make any bread and cake. Potatoes, onions are contaminated by fungi. This is one of the main causes of fungal and allergic rhinitis. A common familiarity in the house dust. One search has been seen that about 60 percent of the cases are responsible for producing allergy in the ‘mite’. For those who suffer from allergic problems, they always avoid dust from the house. The dust that is stored in the furniture, blankets, curtains, dresses, pillows, etc. should be removed while cleaning. There is a lot of allergic reactions in food, such as milk allergies, especially in the cow’s milk, it is seen to be too much allergic. In cow’s milk, especially in children, itching can be seen from itching and asthma. Apart from this, wheat has been seen to be allergic to wheat, wheat. Nuts, bananas, apples, grapes, frogs, watermelons, onions, saturators, chocolate, and even cold drinks cause allergies in some individuals. There may also be medicine allergy. Among them, penicillin and aspirin are one of them. A total of allergic injuries will not notice whether you have allergies in any food? If the food is found, then the food must be avoided. Conscious awareness can remove skin allergy.

If you want, you can easily send home allergies to allergies. Let’s know, let’s go.

Many people suffer from discomfort due to allergies. Painful allergies can be due to many reasons. The acute allergic problem is only intimidating, only the sufferers know. Due to this, there are many favorite foods to be excluded from the diet. And there is aching of itching.

Let’s know, let’s go.

  • Dry 1 kg of neem leaves and dry them in the sun. Grate the dried neem leaves in the granule and fill it with a good bowl. Buy Isab Gul’s Bussi.
  • 1 teaspoon of one third of the nip leaf powder and one teaspoon bhushi 1 glass of water for half an hour. Roll well with half an hour after the spoon.
  • Eat every morning in the stomach, full stomach at lunch and eat before bedtime. Must eat for 21 days continuously.

Effectiveness can take 1 month to begin. And after that, all that could not be eaten for allergies – duck eggs, eggplants, cows, shrimp – can be eaten easily.

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