There are some ways to get rid of migraine migraine

What is the migraine?

Migraine is a special type of headache. Starting from any side of the head, it often hurts the whole head. The normal flow of blood in the brain is hampered. The rheumatoid arteries that are present in the brain are swollen at the beginning of the head. Vomiting and nausea with the headache can be patient vision.

Listen to a migraine patient:

My migraine pain is from Class 9. I have been suffering from this pain for 8 years

At first I did not understand my migraine pain. When I got a headache, I used to bring pharmacy to my doctor. From 2012 to 2015 many doctors have shownStill, I know that it is Migraine’s pain. No profit. There was no hope of leaving any other doctor.

The headache starts at the beginning of the afternoon and if you sleep deeply, leave it in the morning. I have two types of headache . If normal, just like woodpecked birds, there is a sense of betrayal. It seems impossible to myself, but can do normal small work.

There is another kind of headache again. At that time the veins of the forehead were swollen. There is no power to stop the eyelids. Can not turn left eye right. As long as you do not get asleep under the pillow one above the head. After 10 to 12 hours of deep sleep

Horn of the car, the sound is not tolerated. I can hear these ears from the beginning, today we have Saturn

Traveling, having quarrels, sleep disturbances, angry people, if someone calls in the sleep. Usually my pain is due to all the reasons. Sometimes it is without any reason above.

Do not slow down the pain while playing medicine, so use geliga muscular balm. It is very hard to use a blame. If you use 10-15 m of pain, it will slow down.

Minimum 5/10 mg use koru

Why and who is more?

It is not fully known why migraine is. However, it may be due to hereditary or unknown reasons. It is usually more than men than men. Men’s headache increases during menstrual period. This disease can be caused by eating more than eating chocolate, cheese, coffee etc., birth control, anxiety, extra travel, exercise, insomnia, watching TV for a long time, working on computers for a long time, talking on mobile. Mental stress, anxiety, constipation, brilliant light enhance this disease.


It can last for several hours, even for a few days if headache starts. Headache, vomiting, the main symptoms of this disease. However, it may be possible to take extra high, lose attention in any work, get bothered, etc. before starting the symptom headache. This pain starts from any part of the head. Then spread to the whole headPain feeling behind the eye may be created. Words do not like light and light. Sometimes excessive noise and pain may increase pain

The foods that help prevent migraine problems

  • Magnesium-rich foods. Such as palm rice rice, potato and barley migraine resistant.

* Reduce various fruits, especially dates and figs.

* Green, yellow and orange-colored vegetables benefit from playing regularly.

* Helps prevent calcium and Vitamin D migraine. There is plenty of calcium in sesame, flour and bits etc.

* Adhesion or juice can be mixed twice a day by mixing in water.

What kind of foods should you avoid?

  • Do not eat tea, coffee and soft drinks, chocolate, ice cream, curd, milk, butter, tomato and tobacco.
  • Wheat food, such as bread, pasta, bread etc.
  • Apple, banana and peanuts
  •   Onion

However, individual foods may cause different problems. So it’s best to keep a diary. So that you can note that the pain or decrease in pain due to some food and some other circumstance. In such a week’s note you will get your own solution. But if the pain is high then consult a doctor.

There are some ways to get rid of migraine

  • In case of Migraine treatment, immediate and preventive medicines, as well as adhering to some rules, the problem is greatly reduced.
  • To sleep at certain times every day and it should be moderate.
  • Do not work in extra or low light.
  • To avoid dark sunshine or severe cold.
  • Long-term and noisy environments do not stay long.
  • For more than a time, the computer monitor and TV are not in front of it.
  • After the start of the migraine, drink plenty of water (especially if vomiting), rest, cool clothes should be kept in the head.

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