Prevent bone loss, it is very easy to do 5 tasks

The bone made skeleton inside the body holds our body. Maybe we do not understand how important the bones are for us. But if there is a problem in bone formation, we can become inanimate. But we do not do much for this important thing.
As a result of this, many diseases of the bones disinfect the bones and gradually disable the body. And the bone problem is bone loss. But it is possible to keep this problem away from regular care. There is enough to do some small tasks regularly to prevent bone loss.

1) Keep stress away
Although many do not know, there are many important relationships in the bone with stress. When we are under stress, our body is emitted by a cartilage called hormone which is especially responsible for bone loss. So keep the mental pressure as far as possible for you.

2) Remove Vitamin D deficiency
The calcium that we take through the food is absorbed by the bone through vitamin D. If there is a deficiency of Vitamin D in the body, it is not possible to get rid of bone problems after eating rich calcium. Therefore, to meet the problems of bone and erosion, vitamin D will be cautiously met. Fish, fish oil, milk, soy milk, fruits, Vitamin D Due to sunlight, it is possible to meet the needs of Vitamin D in the body. Even though dawn, you will get many benefits.

3) Nourishing meals for bone
For the strong bone, the diet must certainly contain calcium-rich foods. To eat low fat milk and dairy products every day. Milk, eggs, kalasham, calcium-rich sea fish, green vegetables, broccoli, fruits should be kept in abundance. That’s why you can get strong bones.

4) Stop Smoking and Drinking
Smoking causes bone loss and increases bone fragility. Those who regularly smoke and drink, their bodies can not properly supply food nutrition to the body. Even after eating food, the nourishment did not reach the bone properly due to bone loss. So stop smoking and drinking for healthy body and bone today.

5) Physical work every day
Those who work continuously, the bone fragility of their body increases significantly more than others. Those who do not work at all, their bones become relatively soft and weak quickly. Physical exercises, sport, dance, bicycling, cutting down, etc. are very good physical work which makes the bones strong and helps in bone crises.

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