Let’s take care of the skin’s perfect care

Heat frost Cool This stretch is comfortable for the body but not for the skin. As the effects of winter increase, there are many skin problems. Especially for dry skin, winter is like a nightmare. Oily skin beneficiaries survive from excess oil, but after washing the skin, the skin is seen as a dry tension. Extra dryness makes the skin very quick and the dry-dead cells look black. So all skin types need a little extra care in winter. Let’s know how to take care of the skin in winter.

Cleansing: Choose to clean the skin in the mild and low alkaline faeces, which will help the skin not dry and keep moisture. Do not use soap in your mouth. To clean the whole body, instead of saban shawar prison. Do not wash more than 2-3 times a day. The skin lost its natural moisture.

Scrubbing: The dry weather of the winter absorbs moisture from the skin. As a result, it becomes dry and dry after skin. Dermatitis on skin. Leads to Black Heads and White Heads. Scrabbing is very important to live from these. Scrubbing for 2-3 days a week. If you do not want to use conventional scraps in the market, you can create scab in the home. 2 teaspoons of rice powder and 2 teaspoons of sugar and honey mixed with scraps.

Toning: Select Alcohol Free Toner for Toning. Toner keeps the PH balance in the skin and binds the moisturizer or the Foundation to close the mouth.

Moisturizing: The main way to protect skin in winter is to have adequate moisturization of the skin. Winter dryness absorbs moisture from the skin. As a result of the skin becomes dry and rough. Keep skin moisture while bathing / face wash after having wet skin. Choose water based cream / lotion instead of oil-based cream / lotion.

Deep-conditioning to protect the skin overnight. Vitamin E Oil (Vitamin E Capsule is available in the drug store in the form of), mixing any of your favorite oils such as Amand Oil, Olive Oil. Mix face together. Amand Oil / Olive Oil and Vitamin E helps keep skin soft and maintain skin moisture.

Face pack: The oil control faucets used in the summer, they can not be used in the winter. Then the skin will burst as dry as possible. Use the skin to help maintain skin moisture and keep skin soft and tender.

Winter all types of skin are Face Pack

  • Ripe Caller Paste + Honey + Amand Oil
  • Ripe papaya + honey + talk yogurt
  • Cocoa powder + tip curd + honey

Lip care: 

Lip skin is extremely thin and sensitive than any other part of the body. In winter, the lips become easily dried and dry due to moisture, it breaks. Keep lips on the lips to keep the lip moisturizer / lip baum. Brut’s bee, aquafina, nivea lip therapy, maybelline baby lips, The body shop Shea chap stick is one of the best quality chopsics. Keep with chapstick or lipbaam always Do not forget the lips with the tongue. In it, the lips will become more dry and burst.

Hand and foot care:  

Put a lotion or body butter on the hand while being wet after bathing. Body lotts are very beneficial in protecting your feet in this winter. Those whose skin is mixed with extra dry lotion Amand Oil / Olive Oil / Baby Oil.

  • Use body scrub 2-3 days a week. Available in the market, special scraps in the hands of the feet.
  • Those who have a foot in the winter, they do pedicure at home one day a week.
  • Put warm skin in warm hot water for a few minutes and remove scratched skin with pumice stone or buffer. Then apply moisturizer in the ankle. Various types of foot creams are also found in the protection of ankle.
  • Sleeping after socks on the waistline, thick in the night. Then the legs will not break.

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