Four seats of yoga to reduce weight

Working life style, lots of workload, stress, and everything in order to follow a routine is so much harder to do. Along with eating irregularities. In all, the results increase in weight. It is not possible to lose weight even after consuming too much weight and maybe reducing the weight. It is not possible for many to exercise outside of the gym again. If you want to do some yoga while sitting in the house you can get weight control. Below are some of the details of some yoga exercises –

(1) Ridge Seats: Read it first. Slowly fold your legs. Keep in mind that your knees and ankles are on the same line. Keep your hands facing down on both sides. Take a moment to lift your back to breathe slowly. Try to get the heel of the feet with two hands. During this time you will have full body weight on your shoulders, arms and legs. So stay 20 seconds. Then drop your hand and slowly lower the back. So do 3 to 4 times.

(2) Dhanurasan: Read on and take the first step. Put your hands on the body side of the hand. Bring your knees to the hips and leave your breathing exhale. Hold the arm backwards and hold the ankle firmly. In the meantime, there must be gap between two knees. Take the ankle away from the hip to take a breath and simultaneously lift the thighs from the floor. In the meantime, the shooller blades will move backwards and the chest will be slightly above the ground. During this time breathing will be normal. After 20 seconds leave the seat slowly. 3 times this way It will be like a photo once, try to come to the seat slowly.

(3) Bhujangasana : Lie down on your feet so that your forehead touches the ground. Bring your arms along the shoulders. Keep both hands in the bottom of the palm and put two hands under the shoulders. Bring your hands to the right position to breathe, so that your chest gets upwards. Thus, lift upwards (up to navel) until a curve is formed in the upper part of your body. So stay 20 seconds. Then return to the previous condition to leave the breath. 

(4) Ouestasan:  While doing this exercise, take soft clothes down. As you can see in the picture, first knees on the knees and stand on the knees. Put your hands on the body. At first, bend at the back and one hand after the first hand and the two hands should have ankle toe. I have to stretch my chest and stomach comfortably at the back. The weight of the body will be on the hands and feet. Thus, it can stay from 30 seconds to one minute. Then come back to the previous state again.

The above mentioned 4 exercises will put pressure on your stomach, waist, and back. So the first few days the pain in these parts of the body. It will be fixed after a few days. But exercise will not reduce if you exercise only. As well as following the right diet, you can shake extra weight in a few months from the body.

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