Exercise to reduce hypertension

Although there are three people in the country like High Blood Pressure America, our country is not less. There is no proper division, but it is difficult to conclude by how much high blood pressure patients are. Exercise and healthy eating are important ways of preventing high blood pressure. Exercise but high blood pressure medication also increases the effectiveness of high blood pressure.

Enjoyable exercise 

All exercises that are enjoyable are good for 30 minutes per week. Daily housework, gardening, washing the windows, climbing upstairs, carrying things from the grocery store, walking, cycling is all a fun exercise, and also heart-shaped. The car goes somewhere parked and goes to office, when you go to a bus before going to the office, it is very good to go to the office.

Someone can go to the gym

It is not necessary to exercise in the gym. But many people like Jim. Gym relaxes to exercise. It looks good. Trainer will teach you to use Jim’s equipment so that he is not hurt.

Make the Heart Strong

With normal weight lifting, weight equipment, barbells, muscles, muscles or muscles with the rest of the exercises or abdominal exercises, the wheezing and coat rolling these two or three days of the week improves cardiovascular health. Registry exercise reduces blood pressure, increases muscle, increases metabolism rates.

In exercise, the body is very hot, swim 

To increase heart pumps and exercise, call for reducing blood pressure. If you do not tolerate the heat, then take 30 minutes to swim. Decreased hormone adrenaline in the body and will be loose blood vessels. Softening of the knees decreases, decreased blood pressure.

How much exercise you want

The speed of 30 minutes in the middle of the blood pressure is very useful. Medication may not take longer. If high blood pressure is already consumed, then 30 minutes of moderate exercise, increased heart rate, and if it is possible to take ghee, then the effectiveness of the drug increases. If you do not have hypertension, blood pressure is normal.

Get started

 Exercise is not the same. To study; Slowly start. The time can be extended when the sterilization. Fun exercise first 10-15 minutes, such as walking, trimming or cycling. Thus, every day a little more time is increased by half an hour of exercise. If you are new to exercise then it is better to start slowly. First, at least moderate exercises such as yoga, cycling, gardening, walking, watercolor Then increase speed and time.

Exercise, convenience and relief exercises are fits with day-to-day work schedules. Exercise can be done when the kids play or at school, before or after work, at lunch break. If you can not get out of the house then exercise at home or in the tradesmanship. He can be exercised to see the news of the evening.

Mini exercises and moves

 10 minutes of exercise, the day-to-day exercises that do not cover the whole day. As well as jogging 10 minutes, calisthenics or home removing. Three to ten minutes of exercise is half an hour in the day, good for heart health.

The house builds the gym

 Want to exercise but can not go to the gym. Create a house in the gym. A bench of ramp, free-wet, mugur, dumbbell, gymnasium, tube, yoga system and ball. Put a box or a locker or a closet. Put a trim or steady bicycle to burn fat or to increase the patient’s fat.

Be hot, cool

 According to the American Heart Association, people who have high blood pressure are good before exercising, and if the body is cooled after exercise it is good. The rate of heart rate increases gradually and gradually decreases. Good for 10 minutes running windmill in a treadmill or right place. To be cool too.

Use the Heart Rate Measurement Clock

 Can be noticed with heart rate watch, fast nadir pulsation Put the band on the chest under the shirt. Watching the clock during exercise will be known to be the heart rate. Find out from the doctor how much the target heart rate will be.

Medication and heart rate

 Stomach rates can reduce some heart medication such as beta blockers or calcium channel blockers. So consult a doctor before taking a good exercise.

Learn Security Tips

 The exercise that you do, it is good to know your limitations. If you are injured in exercise or bodybuilding, then it is better to stop it. If you have a headache, or chest, arms, neck and neck, then it is better to stop. Better exercise is very good in summer.

Doctor Regular

 Check with the doctor. Before the start of the body, the doctor has to get permission, if someone is in the habit of sitting on the floor, too much weight or the risk of heart disease or chronic diseases, the whole human being is full.

Dash after exercise

 Following DASH diet, systolic blood pressure can be reduced by 8-14 points. DASH diet is mainly about 2000 calories diet, fruit vegetables, whole grains, pulses, beef, and low-fat milk. If the systolic pressure is higher than 50, the risk of cardiovascular risk is higher than 50, compared to diastolic pressure (lower).

Reduce the weight of 10 pounds

 It is found that if weight is less than 10 pounds, then reducing blood pressure can be reduced. So take less calories For this, consult doctors and nutritionists. On the salt day only 2400 milligrams, that is, 1 tablespoon salt. It is better to exclude alcoholic beverages.

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